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Every Day

A New Highlight!

1st day  / Sunday

Individual arrival at Flecheiras. For those coming from Fortaleza it just takes two hours by car to arrive at your first accommodation. If you need assistance we like to organize your transfer from the airport and connect it with other participants, if possible.


2nd day / Monday

We start the first day easy. After a rich Café da manhá with many tropical fruits we will prepare our equipment and start to our first short and easy downwinder right in front of our Pousada. After 6 km we already reach the first highlight of our trip, the scenic and authentic bay of Embuaca. There we find perfect conditions to warm up. Nice waves combined with flatwater.

At sunset we drive back to Flecheiras by Buggy


3rd day / Tuesday

Buggy transfer to the world famous wavespot of Paracuru!  After a first wave session we continue to Lagoinha (20 km). At this area of natural beauty we stop for lunch before we continue our Downwinder to Flecheiras (20 km) where we will land our kites on the empty and endless beach in front of our Pousada.


4th day / Wednesday

We start our day in Guajiru. It’s a nice place to stay a while for those who enjoy waveriding. We land the kites right in front of a beach barraca (little Restaurant offering simple food and cold beer)


In the afternoon we downwind to Mundau (17 km) passing Flecheiras, and Embuaca. We enjoy one of the nicest Downwinder along the coast! The buggy follows along the beach and will take us back to Flecheiras after arriving in Mundau.



5th day / Thursday

Time to say good bye to Flecheiras. We pass a true highlight. The river mouth and the dune of Mundau! Our Toyota Hilux 4x4, packed with all our laguagge, will cross Rio Mundau on a, let’s say, quite traditional Brazilian ferry boat.  On the other side of the river we start our kite session. On the Downwinding to Icaraizinho (40 km), along the endless beach, we will pass some little very traditional fisherman’s villages with flat water in front.  We will cross the wide bay of Icaraizinho. After landing our kites it’s time for a cold drink. By car we transfer to Jericoacoara.


Jericoacoara or just Jeri is a must to seen on a trip to the Northeast of Brazil. This charming little place, surrounded by it’s white dunes, mutated from a fisherman’s- to Hippie’s-Village and later to a Windsurf- and Kitespot.  Even today it needs a 4x4 to reach Jeri. There are just 5 sandy roads in the center of town. All surrounded by nice Pousadas, Bars, Restaurants and shops.


At sunset Jeri wakes up and Locals start dancing Capoeira at the beach. The best place to see the wonderful sunset in Jeri is to walk on top of the majestic dune, the main icon of Jeri.


Later in the evening the sound of Forro streams through the village. While more and more people show up in the streets the party slowly starts and goes on till early in the morning,


6th day / Friday

Today we check out the spots around Prea. First we travel upwind by car to Barrinha where we start a flat water Downwinder to Prea. This little place is famos for having the strongest wind on the entire coast.


In the afternoon we enjoy one of the the best Downwinder for wave lovers, especially at high tide. Prea to Jeri (10 km). If you like it, we will have time to ride it twice!


7th day / Saturday

Today we will explore the coast north of Jeri. After passing the famous dune of Jeri we will launch our kites and ride to Tatajuba. (20km) This stretch is awesome! We will ride in flat water, between clean and small waves along the  unspoiled coast. While our car crosses the river we will have time to ride Guriu delta. Within 100 Meters it’s your choice to ride flat water or waves! We have a lot of time to enjoy the rest of the ride to Tatajuba where we will stop at a fresh water lagoon for a refreshing swim and getting spoiled by fresh seafood prepared by local fishermen.


Later in the afternoon we will have a scenic drive through photogenic mangroves, and beautiful beaches back to Jeri. Once again we will enjoy the sunset – and Jeri by night!  


8th day / Sunday

Today it’s time to leave from Jeri.

Everybody loves the easy and beautiful Downwinder after Jeri a lot! That’s why we ride it again. But today, we kite all the way down to Camocim. (40 km) We will stop at Tatajuba for a cold drink and continue the ride. There is always the possibility to stop where ever you like and continue the journey by car.


On the last sandbank in front of Camocim we will land our kites, cross the river by ferryboat and drive the last 10 km to Maceio by car.  

Flecheiras Tage 1. bis 4. Tag

Jericoacoara 5. bis 7. Tag

Downwinder nach Tatajuba  7. Tag

Maceio 9. und 10. Tag

Barra Grande 12. bis 14. Tag

Parnaiba Delta Secret Spot 13. Tag

Alle Downwindstrecken Google Maps

9th and 10th day / Monday and Tuesday

The bay of Maceio is another scenic highlight of our trip. It’ s a place where time still stands still and the conditions for kiteboarding are unbeatable! A nice an clean wave rolls in on the right side of the bay while we find perfect flat water on the left side and along the endless beach. No more Downwinder for two days! It becomes time to remember how to upwind again!


Maceio is a place we love to show you as long as it remains as it is. We will ride in the bay and enjoy nice food in one of the traditional beach barracas between the sessions.


11th day / Wednesday

We have the opportunity to ride a last session in the bay before will launch our kites in Maceio for the last time and ride to Bitubita (20 km)

Locals will welcome us after arriving. Foreign people, landing there kites on the front beach of Bitubita, are still an attraction and bring a change into daily life of the local population.


We transfer by car from Bitubita to Barra Grande. There is still no bridge or car ferry to cross the river after Bitubita. Therefore the car could not follow anymore and in case of a emergency the flow of the river pulls towards the open sea.


We have the option to relaunch our kites in Cajueiro da Praja to arrive in Barra Grande, the goal of our trip, by kite. (10 km)


12th day / Thursday

We made it to Barra Grande by kite! Now it’s time to discover the world famous spots in front and around Barra Grande.


13th day / Friday

Today we have the option to downwind 4 km to the Barra Grande’s famous kite lagoon and Praia de Macapá. Or we organize an additional trip, to Parnaiba Delta and Secret Spot. This excursion is kiteseeing at its finest!


To reach this unique spot we need to drive one hour to Parnaiba, take a boat to cruise through breathtaking mangrove forest until we finally arrive on a flat water lake. This area is shielded from the sea by a sandbank where we will pump our kites. The current tide situation can be a big issue. At high tide, there will be no more sandbank to launch the kites.


This additional trip is not included in our Downwind Kite Trip. We consider that it’s better to “arrive” in Barra Grande first and then take the decision, if you still feel like travelling to another spot, or if you prefer to enjoy the relaxed lifestyle at Barra Grande, where everything turns around kiteboarding.


However. We would love to organize this trip for you individually and for sure would join you as well. The additional would be 60 to 80 Euros depending on the number of participants.


14th day / Saturday

Individual kiting around Barra Grande, Lagoon and  Praia de Macapá


15th day / Sunday

Day of departure? If you have the chance, we recommend you to add some more days in Barra Grande. It’s no question that we will help you to find the best place for you to stay at one of the numerous Pousadas.


If you need to leave we will help you to find the best transfer to Fortaleza airport. In general there are always synergies within the group to share a transfer and to split cost.


Let us know your needs and we will work out the best solution for you.

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