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General terms and conditions of travel ! 

The General Terms and Conditions of Travel (GTAC) are the terms of contract  between the participant and (KDW) as the organizer of the trip.



1. Conclusion of the contract


Your application for a Kite Downwind Trip creates certain rights and obligations between you, as the participator and KDW as the organizer of the trip. The outward- and homeward journeys to and from Brazil are not part of this agreement. Each Downwind Kite Trip starts in Flecheiras and ends in Barra Grande.



2. Conditions


2.1. Price of a trip

The agreed price  is binding. It can be  in Euro or CHF and always includes all taxes.


2.2. Conditions of payment

The reservation is valid after the agreed amount has been paid.


3. Cancelation


3.1. Charges of cancelation

In case, the participant cancels the trip we charge the following percentages of the cost of the total amount.


         30 days prior to the booked trip:         50%

29   - 15 days prior to the booked trip:         60%

14   -    8 days prior to the booked trip:         70%

  7   -   4 days prior to the booked trip:         80%

  3   -   0 days prior to the booked trip:         100%


3.2. Representative Person

In case a participant needs to cancel the trip he may announce a representative person travelling on the same dates as the trip has been booked. This person has to accept all points that have been agreed between the participant and KDW.

Therefore the representative participant has to submit a new application form in his name.  It’s most important, that this person fulfills the kite skills, as they are defined under Point 7, Safety, according to the GTAC.


3.3. Interruption or stop during the trip

In case a participant has to finish a Kite Downwind Trip before it’s completed, there will be no refunds.



4. General disclaimer of liability


The participant confirms that he has full coverage (accident, health, third party liability) through a private insurance company. The participant confirms to participate on this trip on his own risk and not to claim against KDW for any reasons whatsoever.



5. Insurance


5.1. Travel Cancelation Insurance

We recommend an individual travel cancelation insurance


5.2. Health Insurance

We recommend an individual insurance to cover the risk of an accident and health problems in a foreign country. It’s a good idea to ask the private insurance company to supply a written Confirmation Of Insurance in English.


5.3. Third Party Liability - and  Baggage Insurance

We recommend an individual insurance.



6. Tour Leader


The tour leader is organizing the relevant Kite Downwind Trip. He is not responsible for the behavior of the participants on the water or at the beach.  Should the trip be aborted because of illness or an accident of the tour leader, the participants will get a refund in proportion of how far the Downwind trip took place so far.  There will be no further compensation.



7. Safety


Our Downwind Trips are addressed to experienced kiteboarders. The participant takes full responsibility for all his actions on the beach and on the water. He pays attention to the information he will be given on the daily briefings.


In particular the participant confirms to have the needed kiteboarding skills as described below:


- Start and land a kite in the water


- Bodydrag upwind


- Ride a Downwind course on toe side


- Self rescue on the water


- Knowledge of the safety- and release system of all kites the participant is

  using during the Downwind Trip.



8. Kite Equipment


The participant is responsible that his kite equipment is always in a functional and safe condition. During the Downwind Trip nobody else but the participant is responsible for his personal equipment. That includes storage, packing and loading on transfers.



9. Realization


Should a trip get canceled through KDW for whatsoever reasons, the participant gets a full refund of all payments he has made so far. Further claims can not been made.



10. Change of Schedule


KDW may change the schedule based on meteorological, safety or other reasons.


11. Waiting times under way

We are riding in a comfortable speed, matching the needs of the group. In case that a participant holds back the group, doe to insufficient kite skills or imperfect kite equipment, the tour leader is entitled to determine the participant to follow by car. Especially on long Downwind stretches.


The participant has no right of compensation in case of an unexpected delay caused by an accident or a break down of a car.



12. Number Of Participants


minimum:    3 participants

maximum:   7 participants



13. Health condition


The participant is responsible for his medical precaution such as immunizations and his physical fitness.



14. Claims and Complaints


Any claims and complains must be addressed to the tour leader while the Downwind Trip is going on. After the trip is completed no complains or claims will be accepted.



15. Liability Exclusion


KDW provides the needed logistic to undertake a Downwind Kite Trip and organizes the accommodations. The participant covers all risks than can accrue while  kiteboarding on the water and on land by himself.



16. Applicable law and jurisdiction


Swiss law applies exclusively in the contractual relationship between you and KDW. Claims against KDW can only be lodged in Berne, Switzerland.



17. Contact address in Brazil


Kite Downwind Trips Beyond Expectations, Barra Grande, Piaui


+41 79 208 62 72


Links to Insurance Services:




Third party liability for kiteboarders:


Health insurance:

We recommend clarifying the coverage of the existing health insurance, specifically the coverage in foreign countries. It is a good idea to ask for a written confirmation.


Lost Baggage and third party liability:

Most often these kind of insurances are included in existing policies such as  Credit Card Contracts or in the general household insurance policy.

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