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The Way We Ride

It has never been the idea of Kite Downwind Trips Beyond Expectations to ride as fast as possible from Cumbuco to Barra Grande. For us it counts a lot more to show you all the great spots the coast has to offer between Ceará und Piauí.  And, even more important, to see a big smile on your face after each sessions!


In 14 days you will discover all kite spots and highlights between Paracuru and Barra Grande. After this trip you will exactly know your favourite spots and where they are located. In case you will come back to the Northeast  - what you will most probably will!

We address our trips to pleasure orientated kiteboarders who enjoy the relaxed Brazilian lifestyle as much as the unbeatable time on the water far away from mass tourism.


You will ride all the way between Paracuru and Barra Grande by kite. We know the best rides along the coast and consciously skip some parts what are not nice to ride and where it would be impossible to support you with a car on the beach. For more details check our schedule.


We learned from our experience, that most of our guests enjoy a stretch of a Downwinder a lot more when they ride it for a second time. The more familiar you get with a new spot the more you can enjoy it. That’s why we always plan enough time to ride the highlights and the best parts of the trip twice.


Riding with us means that you will have enough time to try out wavekiting or new tricks. There will always be a car on the beach to support you in case of an emergency. In addition it offers you the opportunity to stop your ride anytime you like and continue the journey by car.


On the entire ride the wind will always blow side onshore. In combination with a 4X4 following on the beach, Downwinders in the Northeast are safe.


Wind force is not a subject we need to discus about. The wind is always blowing between 25 and 30 knots. That requires kite sizes between 6m2 and 10m2, depending on your weight and riding style.


We just need to consider about the daily tide situation. The biggest difference between high and low tide can reach 3 meters within 6 hours. That has a lot of influence to the best riding time of a Downwinder or a certain spot. We will ride each spot at its best time!


On our way to Barra Grande you will discover 18 first class kite spots. For more details see Spots.


It’s important for us that you have enough time to enjoy these spots. That’s why we do not change accommodation on a daily base. We ride the downwinders in the areas and connect it to one big Downwinder along the coast.


A daily briefing after breakfast is a standard. We explain you what you can expect during the day and where you need to pay attention.


Our Kite Downwind Trips are not all inclusive holiday-packages where everything is predefined. That's why we like to communicate with you personally before the trip to find out what your specific needs are. That’s very important for us to organize the best kite trip of your lifetime.


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