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Logistic matters!

A well organized logistic is the key element of an outstanding Downwinder.

Depending to our needs and situations we use the optimal vehicle.


In the area of Flecheiras, we like to use Buggys for day trips, when travelling short distances, along the beach, without luggage. These cool vehicles, based on the chassis of a VW Beatle, belong to everyday’s life in the north of Brazil. They represent fun, freedom and adventure. Pleasurable feelings we often miss in our civilized world.


To drive home, during sunset, along the endless beach, in an open Buggy, surrounded by the classic sound of the Beatle engine, is a wonderful way to complete a fantastic kite day.

After Flecheiras, when travelling longer distances, carrying our luggage, we use Toyota Hilux 4x4 trucks. These reliable cars are able to follow us at the beach as well. To offer enough space on our transfers, there is always one Toyota Hilux available for four riders.

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