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14 Days Of Kite-boarding 19 Spots!

We ride the entire coast between Paracuru to Barra Grande by Downwinder. The only exceptions are stretches where we can’t follow you on the beach by car to  support you in case of a problem.


Our timing allows us to experience the best spots in a nice way instead of just passing by. How can we do that? Our Downwind Trips combine downwind kiting with some stationary kiting. That’s why it takes a few days more. But what do a few days more mean, in a lifetime? 


These spots are waiting for you to be discovered:


  1. Paracuru

  2. Lagoinha

  3. Barra

  4. Guajiru

  5. Flecheiras 

  6. Embuaca

  7. Mundau

  8. Bailea

  9. Icaraizinho

10. Barrinha

11. Prea

12. Jericoacoara

13. Guriu river mouth


15. Maceio

16. Barra Grande Home Spot

17. Lagune of Barra Grande

18. La Boca and Praia de Macapa

19. Parnaiba Delta Secret Spot (on demand)


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