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Brazilian Lifestyle

It’s important for us to stay at nice and clean places matching our needs as kitesurfers. This kind of pousadas are not unlimited on our way up north.


It’s easy to understand, that our preferred Pousadas (Brazilian name for Hotel or accommodation) can not confirm several rooms just for one night during high season. It’s the same situation we know from famous ski resorts in Europe during peak season.


That’s why we stay several days at the same place. Experience taught us, that the days turn out a lot  more relaxed if we don’t have to pack and move  every

single day. The accommodations are chosen very carefully and count to the best along the coast. They offer the perfect mix of comfort and fulfill kiters needs.


You will love the small villages where we gonna stay at first sight!


Our first accommodation is in Flecheiras the base camp of our trips. From there we kite all the spots between Paracuru and Icarizinho.


The next stop is always in Jericoacoara. A true highlight. This former fisherman’s village offers an attractive nightlife and a unique lifestyle. It can still be reached by 4x4 only. We will ride between Barinha and Camocim.


Maceio is still very authentic and doesn’t offer a lot of infrastructure yet. In exchange it offers a scenic bay one of the nicest beaches in the Northeast and several beach barracas, offering the best fish along the coast.

Accommodations are simple and not very numerous. But always clean and close from the beach.


Barra Grande is often called the new Jeri. There is no kite magazine in the world that hasn’t reported about this fantastic kitespot. That’s why the amount of Pousadas increased a lot during the last few years. Here waits a special accommodation for you.


Please keep in mind

Flexibility is an important issue on such an adventure trip. The pictures show you a nonbinding selection of accommodations where we generally stay. It always depends to the availability of each Pousada.

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