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Since  2009

Kiteboarders Disneyland

The wind and water conditions in in Brazil are just unbeatable. There is no other spot in the world offering such kind of constant wind and warm water. My love for Kiteboarding motivated me to move to this area where the conditions are just made for Kiteboarding!


As a previous and longtime Windsurfer I had the chance to visit most of the windy spots around the globe. Ten years ago I discovered the wind-machine in the Northeast of Brazil. It never let me down!


The spectacular, palm-fringed coast offers endless space on the water and on the beaches. Pleasant water temperatures (28°C) and the reliable wind conditions privilege this area for Downwinders. It’s the only place in the world where it’s possible to organize such trips on a commercial level. That’s why we call it Kiteboarder’s Disneyland!

2009 I decided to combine this present of nature with Swiss organization skills. Adventure and comfort doesn’t have to be a discrepancy. To make the myth going on after landing the kite on an unspoiled beach, a good planning and logistic is crucial. Together with my team we manage everything necessary in order that you just need to concentrate on your riding and having a lot of fun.

The real highlights of our Downwind Trips are located between the famous spots! Hundreds of miles of unspoiled water and waves just waiting to you to get shredded! We keep ourselves away of the crowd and discover pure nature and local spirit every day.


These hidden secrets are exactly the spots we love to share with you!


It started 2008 as some local friends invited me to ride my first Downwinder from Cumbuco to Barra Grande. Since then it slowly developed further and further to what it is now. Downwind Kite Trips Beyond Expectations!


After all these years, one thing always remains the same. It’s still the best compliment for us to see a big smile on your face after a perfect day on the water.


Let’s downwind!




Kite Downwind Trips Beyond Expectations!

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