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Founder of Kite Downwind Trips Beyond Expectations, Organizer and Guide


Languages: Swiss German, German, English, French and Portuguese


Knows the coast even better from offshore than onshore. Did several solo rides from Cumbuco to Barra Grande.  He is the guy who knows when the water and tide conditions match on each spot. 



Transfer driver, Beach support, ICO Kite Instruktor


Languages: Portuguese, English, Spanish and French


He is calmness in person. After changing his stressful life in Sāo Paulo he  enjoys the quiet and peaceful lifestyle in the Northeast.



Guide, Beach support and driver at Flecheiras


Languages: Portuguese and English


Andre is totally connected with his kite. He is riding every day in the area between Paracuru and Mundau. After all these years of riding Downwinders he hardly doesn’t remember how to upwind!




Beach support und driver in Jericoacoara / Prea


Languages: Portuguese and English



Tibor emigrated from  New York City 10 years ago to start a much more relaxed life in Prea.




Back office and good soul of our team


Languages: Swiss German, German English, French, and Portuguese


As a long time and very passionate Windsurfer she got infected with the kite virus mote than ten years ago. Whenever possible she changes her Laptop against the bar and is always in the first line if someone needs medical or general assistance.


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